Every Story Matters


There is a whole other narrative that's unseen or underreported. Our goal is to bring these stories to light - to amplify all voices - through visual storytelling and other forms of digital media. Click on the links below to view some of our work (including Because No One Should Have to Crawl, an award-winning PBS special about one man’s crusade to give free wheelchairs to people in some of the poorest, most remote regions in the world) and to see candids from our recent shoot in Nigeria. Also check out our page, #LetThemOut, an investigative Web series about the warehousing of people with disabilities in the U.S.

The documentary film includes dramatic footage. The scenes elicit both tears of sadness and tears of joy as it chronicles the organization’s journey through the years of delivering wheelchairs around the world. Because No One Should Have to Crawl concludes with the grand finale - a trip to Peru this past summer to give the millionth wheelchair to a 12-year-old girl who desperately needed mobility due to an illness that left her mentally and physically impaired.
— Disabled World
I have watched two spellbound audiences now, glued to their seats. No one gets up to go to the bathroom. No one checks their phone. No one goes for coffee. Spellbound. Magnificent!
I have never seen an audience so interested in what we do. It is so easy to engage with the audience after they have seen us by the vision you give them. They see us as you see us, you and your very talented team.
— Don Schoendorfer, FWM

Mad in America investigation into people with disabilities being forced into institutions against their will